From Our Readers

Dear Sisters,

Just sending you some thoughts on homosexuality.

Our red sisters have said that homosexual relationships have an oppressed and an oppressor. This is true. But the fault does not lie in homosexuality itself. Oppressed and oppressors are the conditions of feudalism, capitalism, and imperialism. Sex in and of itself has no politics. Only people have politics.

Why men become "homosexuals" is unclear to me. What I'm trying to say is I don't have a material analysis for why men do and I don't care much. Why do women prefer trying their luck with other women? First of all men i general don't know the first thing about the anatomy of women. Second man after man after man has freaked out either because I was sexual — meaning I could have an orgasm — or because I didn't need their dick to have an orgasm. In either case men have employed subtle techniques to make me feel odd, strange, queer, psychologically fucked-up, inferior, or just plain dumb — just because I behave the way I do. Men are dull because "women couldn't possibly understand or have an equal interchange." Men are always aggressive or else they feel they've been castrated because a woman refuses them, initiates the sexual play, or is preoccupied by other thoughts or rhythms. In other works they are castrated by bitches. Hence you get the term bitchy women. And what good does the man do for a family besides bring home an income that is denied women through discrimination. The more demanding and bastardly the man is the more upitty and castrating the woman is. Hence you get the term bitchy mother. So women of all kinds of politics and backgrounds become homosexuals.

Mao Tse Tung has repeatedly said a good communist makes a material analysis and acts on that material analysis. It is obvious that the Red Women's Detatchment has made an intellectual analysis and not a material analysis. Mao Tse Tung also said that the relationship of oppressor against oppressed, (white against black, man against woman, homosexual against homosexual, landlord against tenant, grocer against customer) is an economic condition of imperialist capitalism, and feudalism. Mao said oppression is not human nature and I'll say oppression is not sexual nature.

In America there are female homosexuals who are heads of families. By definition a female head of the house in America is poor and oppressed, whether she is heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, actively homosexual, inactively homosexual, or doesn't have the time to give a damn about her sexuality.

Mao Tse Tung said to find "the poor and the tired" and of them build people's associations. He didn't say to exclude homosexuals, hetersexuals, or asexuals. He didn't say a damn thing about sexuals. "It is dogmatism to approach Marxism from a metaphysical point of view and to regard it as something rigid. It is revisionism to negate the basic principles (one being materialism) of Marxism and to negate its universal truth. Both dogmatism and revisionism run count to Marxism."

GLF is revolutionary if it is a people's association build of the poor and the tired, led by the poor and the tired, and with a main goal of setting up people's government that ends all oppression.

As for myself I am a woman, I refuse to define myself as homosexual, heterosexual, or asexual because I refuse to define myself as a sexual object. I let whomever who meets, sees or hears me have whatever sexual fantasies about me they want. And I'm sure that some of the RWD women will have incredible anti-women fantasies about me. As for the RWD remember the word lesbian came from the white bourgeois male as well as the concept of homosexuality you use, as well as the concept of heterosexuality prevalent in America 1970.

In struggle forever

another Midwest sister



Day Care Centers will be the battle grounds of women's liberation and a certain part of the revolutions. Universities all over the country are going to take advantage of the WL movement to exploit more families and condition more children. The hottest thing in the Universities today is Behavioral Science named after B.F. Skinner. Skinner's thing was feeding a dog after ringing a bell -- it got so all he had to do was ring the bell without food and the dog would salivate a physical chemical reaction besides a mental reaction. Behavioral Science in Day Care means fruit-loops to hungry, poor kinds if they're good. And up to solitary confinement for those that are bad. Done well enough it will condition 3 and 4 year olds not only mentally but also physically and chemically.