Eunuch Lib: No More Sex!

Members of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselor and Therapists report that the sexual revolution may be coming to a crashing halt as more and more Americans become "asexual."

According o Shirley Zussman, vice president of the Association, some members report that "a lack of desire" seems to be the prime problem with at least 50 percent of their patients. She said in the past the most prevalent complaints were premature ejaculation, impotence and failure to achieve orgasm.

The asexual revolution is not just hitting the middle-aged and older folks, according to Zussman. She reports that more and more young people are choosing to be asexual.

Zussman says that members of what is now being called the "chastity underground" say asexuality offers a comforting ills as traumatic divorces or affairs, random sex and the pressure to "score"—in bed as well as on the job.