Happy Celibates Want No Change

DEAR ABBY: Recently you wrote, "no healthy normal man (or woman) is supposed to by "happy" in abstinence" (from an active sex life).

I hope you will rethink you position. You have been, over the years, a great friend of hetero-, homo-, and even bisexuals. How about a good word for those of us who are genuinely asexual? We are truly a forgotten minority.

I, for one, am quite happy without sex. Personally, I am repelled by sex, although I am heartily in favor of a happy, normal sex life for those who favor it. I do not want to be thought of as "unhealthy" or "abnormal." I am living in the way that is right for me. Unfortunately, because I am not married and do not have a lover, many people assume that I am a lesbian, which I definitely am not.

Some of history's most creative people have been celibate by choice. Please think about it, Abby, and give us a break.


DEAR 42: To each his (or her) own. Meet another happy celibate:

DEAR ABBY: I must object to your comment to NO ACTION IN WASHINGTON STATE. You said: "No healthy normal man (or woman) is supposed to be 'happy' in abstinence."

I consider myself a happy, normal, healthy male, and abstinence is my choice. As a matter of fact, like thousands of others who have taken the vow of celibacy, I feel that for me, celibacy is an important part of my life. Sign me, HAPPILY CELIBATE IN N.Y.