by Helen Bottel


You asked the name of the inventor of our new works: "te" (for he-or-she) "tes" (for his-or-her) and "tir" (for him-or-her). Please note the spelling: you called them "ti" and "tis."

He is Warren Farrell and he suggests these and other simplified expressions for modern times in this book, "The Liberated Man."

He writes, "The human pronouns are only used in place of a pronouns that could be referring to either a man OR woman "A person gets what he deserves" becomes, "A person gets what TE deserves." But a reference to a specific man or the male gender stays the same (e.g. "A liberated man is secure within HIMSELF" would not change.)

Farrell also suggests "attache" as a substitute for the rather juvenile-sounding "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." His definition of "attache" is "a person with whom one has a deep emotional attachment." TE may be a man or a woman, and the relationship may be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or asexual, married or not. — CAROL


Thanks for catching me up. "Ms." made its. I wonder what will happen with Farrell's pronouns.

Have you readers any comments? — HELEN